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Ermeni Soykırımı tasarısına karşı

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Sade bir lisan ile yazilmis – kisaca konuyu acikliyan
temsilcilerin kafasini zorlamiyan ABD Temsilciler
Meclisinde Gündeme Gelen AsIlsIz Ermeni SoykIrIm Karar
TasarIsIna KarşI Gönderilecek Örnek E-Postalar ve
e-posta adresleri.


Honorable Congressman,

As a Turk who sincerely believes in the friendship
between Turkish and American peoples, I am writing to
ask you to oppose H.RES.316, ” Affirmation of the
United States Record on the Armenian Genocide,” and
its concurrent resolution, H.CON.RES.195 , which will
be reviewed in the House International Relations
Committee next week. Issues such as this that come
before you deserve thoughtful consideration on your
part, due to the profound impact that your decisions

These resolutions would seriously damage the
partnership between Turkey and the United States
because they provide a one-sided and misinformed view
of WWI Ottoman history. The tragic incidents that
occurred in the collapse of the Ottoman Empire are
presented with a distorted and incorrect view. For
instance there is no mentioning of the fact that the
main reason for the tragedy was a major Armenian
revolt against the Ottoman Empire, their homeland for
centuries. The aim of the revolt was to carve out an
Armenia from several Eastern provinces of the Ottoman
Empire, where the Armenian population was much less
than the local Turks.

That Armenians sided with the invading and advancing
Russian armies is never mentioned, either. The
conflict created by Armenians themselves and the harsh
wartime conditions of cold, famine, and diseases cost
a huge number of casualties on both sides. American
historian Justin McCarthy states that over one million
Muslims and 600.000 Armenians perished in the east
alone. In the same period in the Balkans, Caucasus and
the Middle East more than four million Ottoman
citizens, mostly Turks, perished in similar conflicts.

I sincerely believe that the place to resolve disputes
over history is not the parliaments but seminars or
symposium where scholars discuss issues openly and
rigorously. In this sense, despite the efforts of
Turkish government, Armenia insists rejecting to take
part in a joint Turkish-Armenian committee of experts.
Besides, Turkish archives are open to all but Armenian
archives are still closed.

The US congressmen should encourage Armenia to be open
to dialogue, and to be more receptive to academic
research rather than passing Resolutions in the House.
Passing such resolutions will only block a dialog and
reconciliation between Turkey and Armenia because it
will discourage the Armenian side from discussing the
complicated historic events in a scholarly way.

On the other hand, feeling that the US Congress
disregards historical realities to favor the American
Armenian voters, Turkish people will be deeply
affected even with discussion of the issue in the
Congress. Unfortunately, one does not have to be smart
to see that the Resolution will deal a huge blow to
the American interests in and around Turkey, the worst
of which will be losing the support of Turkish public
opinion forever.

I hope you will keep these points in mind and oppose
efforts to legislate this controversial issue.


Buraya adınızı yazabilirsiniz….


Dear Representative,

I have just learned that Democratic and Republican
lawmakers introduced a resolution in the US House of
Representatives urging the US administration to
recognize an alleged genocide of Armenians during the
late Ottoman Empire in Anatolia.

This resolution will get Turkish-US relations in
trouble if it is passed. I hope the resolution will
never be brought before the president and the United
States will not show weakness in the face of Armenian
allegations. Otherwise Turkish-US ties will be
seriously affected.

Armenian claims, that 1.5 million Armenians were
victims of a genocide campaign at the hands of the
Ottoman Empire is not true. These allegations don’t
reflect the reality, they are one-sided and baseless.

It’s true that most of the Armenians died at that time
mostly due to harsh conditions of an ongoing war such
as starvation, cold and diseases. The Ottoman
documents and modern Turkish experts accept that many
Armenians and Turks were killed in communal clashes.
However, there is no intention or organization to
exterminate Armenians. To the contrary, the Ottoman
government of the time published many decrees
demanding the protection of Armenian lives and
estates. It is also known that not only Armenians but
also Turks were also deeply affected by the bad
weather, epidemics and famine. Impartial scholars such
as American historian Justin McCarthy state that more
Turks than Armenians perished during that period of

Turkish archives are open to all researchers because
Turks are not afraid to confront their own history
because we are confident that we have not done
anything wrong throughout the history. That is why
Prime Minister Erdogan, two years ago, proposed to
establish a joint commission of historians and other
experts to study records of the late Ottoman period in
the archives of Turkey, Armenia and other relevant
countries, to share their findings with the
international community, and to shed light on a
disputed period of history and pave the way for a
normalization of relations between the two countries.
The invitation has been rejected by the Armenian
government. They seem to be frightened to confront
their history and to reveal the truth.

I still believe that the United States will not
alienate its strategic partner Turkey. So I call you
to oppose this disputed draft resolution.


Buraya adınızı yazabilirsiniz….


Dear Representative,

As a Turkish citizen, the introduction of a resolution
about the tragic events during the World War I in the
House of Representatives utterly disappointed me. I
believe it is illogical to try to resolve such a
contradictory issue with resolutions from parliaments
even when there is no consensus among historians and
other related academicians on how to qualify the
tragic losses during that period, when the entire
region was afflicted with a world war, ethnic civil
strife, and deprivation.

That the US and Turkey has been very close allies for
half a century should be considered very attentively
before bringing the Resolution to the House for the
vote. I hope you will not disturb these relations
expanding and evolving over the decades from a
military alliance to a strategic partnership based on
common interests and mutual values. Please keep in
mind that today, the US and Turkey are cooperating in
many areas such as combat terrorism, bridging the gap
between the West and the Islamic world, supporting
critical transitions in Iraq and Afghanistan,
stabilizing the Caucasus and the Balkans, pursuing
peace in the Middle East, integrating the former
Soviet Republics of Central Asia into the community of
democratic states, and transporting Caspian energy
resources to world markets. The introduction of the
resolution totally disregards the importance that both
sides have placed on the strategic partnership and our
common endeavors.

I sincerely believe that a process of reconciliation
can begin only through common dialogue, and not
legislation. Please note that even the discussion of
the resolution at the House will negatively affect
Turkish public opinion towards the US. Furthermore,
the resolution will encourage Armenians to keep away
from open dialog and free discussion of the truth.

As a matter of fact, Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan
extended an invitation two years ago to his Armenian
counterpart to establish a joint commission of
historians and other experts to study records of the
late Ottoman period in the archives of Turkey, Armenia
and other relevant countries, and to share their
findings with the international community. It was
hoped that such an initiative would shed light on a
disputed period of history and pave the way for a
normalization of relations between the two countries.
Turkey’s proposal, praised by a number of European
governments, and numerous members of the European
Parliament and the U.S. Administration, has not been
accepted by the Armenian government yet. Besides,
despite the fact that Turkish archives are open to
all, Armenia still keeps its archives closed.

Please keep these points in mind and oppose the
resolution at the House.

Buraya adınızı yazabilirsiniz….


Dear Representative,

I have learned that a resolution which asserts that
Turks committed “genocide” against Armenians during
the World War I is presented to the House of
Representatives. Despite the failure of similar
resolutions in the past it seems that the same issue
will keep the House busy again. For the following
arguments I urge you to oppose the resolution:

· There is no consensus among historians and
academicians on how to characterize the tragic events
at the collapse of the Ottoman Empire.

· Turkey wants to resolve the issue thorough
open dialog and free discussion.

· Armenian rejects Turkey’s offer of
establishing a joint commission of historians to
examine the records.

· Armenian archives are closed whereas Turkish
archives are open.

· The findings in the resolution are one-sided
and represent only the distorted Armenian version.

· In the resolution, there is no mentioning of
the Armenian revolt, betrayal to their home country,
and siding with the invading Russian armies, nor is
there any information on the Turkish losses.

· The resolution will inevitably affect the
Turkish-American relations in a negative way as well
as damaging the efforts of Turkish-Armenian dialog.

· The resolution will turn Turkish public
opinion against the US, which may cost both sides very

Therefore, I urge you to consider these points once
again and to oppose the resolution.

Buraya adınızı yazabilirsiniz….


Honorable Representative,

I am writing you to urge you to oppose a resolution
pertaining to the tragic events of the World War I in
the Ottoman Empire. In no way can those events
constitute the crime of “genocide”. The issue is
highly disputed and historians differ on how to name
the great human losses of both Armenians and Turks. To
label the events that took place during the collapse
of the Ottoman Empire as “genocide” is totally unjust
and biased. More Turks than Armenians also lost their
lives in those tragic events.

I sincerely believe that the resolution will deal a
blow to Turkish-American relations and seriously
damage the future relations between the Turkish and
American peoples. I do not suppose that the
resolution, which aims at American domestic politics,
will contribute to the solution of the problem between
Armenia and Turkey. Besides, it is not difficult for
anyone to see that it will cause a heavy burden for
the American interests in the region.

Despite Turkey’s well-intentioned efforts to solve the
issue such as forming a common historians committee
and opening its archives, Armenia agrees neither to
open its archives nor to negotiate the matter in any
way. As a matter of fact, the issue stems from the
fact that Armenians living in the US wish to subtly
exploit the House to their own profit, and to the
detriment of Turkey.

Hoping that you will consider my arguments, I urge you
to reject the resolution and to prevent damaging the
time-honored friendship between the Turkish and
American peoples.

Buraya adınızı yazabilirsiniz….

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Tayyibin oğlu olmak

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Eski hikaye ama unutmamakta ve hatirlamakta fayda var


Unlu zatin oglu kirmizi isIkta durmadan geciyor, pesine takilan ekipten kurtulmak icin hizlanirken ilerde unlu bir sanatciya carpiyor…
Agir yarali olarak hastaneye kaldirilan sanatci 6 gun sonra oluyor. Karakola goturulen delikanliya polislerin ehliyet sormamasi sanatcinin esinin dikkatini cekiyor. Polislere hatirlattiginda:
“Siz ukalalik etmeyin biz ne yapacagimizi biliriz” gibi bir cevap aliyor.
Kazadan sonra belediye arazozleri kazanin olduugu mahalle gelip caddeyi bastan asagi yikiyor ve 35 metrelik fren izini tamamen siliyorlar. Delikanliya kazadan sonra, uc ay once verilmis gibi
ehliyet duzenleniyor. Sanatcinin kocasi hakime cocugun ehliyeti olmadigini, duzmece ehliyet verildigini soylediginde adam:
– Ne siz koskoca belediye baskanini sahtecilikle mi sucluyorsunuz, diye azar isitiyor…
Olayi goren taniklarin hepsi tehdit edilip korkutuluyor.Sanatcinin kocasi aile meclisini topluyor. Bakiyorlar ki polis, adalet, belediye hep birlikte olmus uzerlerine geliyor.
Mecburen olayin pesini birakiyorlar. Sonucta mahkeme trafik canavari genci 3 ay hapse mahkum ediyor. da 1998’in fiyatiyla 540 bin lira cezaya cevriliyor. Sen sag, ben selamet; guzide sanatci
Sevim Tanurek gitti gider…
Bu olayi Sevim Tanurek’in esi, Emin Colasan’a yukaridaki satirlarla anlatmis ………………
Sozu gecen katil delikanli Istanbul’un o zamanki belediye baskani Recep Tayyip Erdogan’in oglu…
Ve son olarak: Basbakan Recep Tayyip Erdogan’in, ses sanatcisi Sevim Tanurek’e otomobiliyle carparak olumune neden olan oglu Ahmet Burak Erdogan icin “tamamen kusursuz” raporu vererek beraatini saglayan Adli Tip Trafik Ihtisas Dairesi Baskani Eyup Cakmak, Turkiye Denizcilik Isletmeleri’ne (TDI) Genel Mudur Yardimcisi olarak atandi.( 21.10.2004 )
Not: Insanlar birbirlerine ‘bu maili tum tanidiklariniza gonderin baslikli mailler atar ve ben buna cok kizarim. Ama bu maili herkes gormeli bence…! Siz de bu maili tum tanidiklariniza atin…..